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How to have a more positive life by having positive perspective

Sep 6, 2022 8:45:45 AM • Written by: Kate Hanson

Consider the following scenarios.

We often believe that other people hate us or are mad at us. Most assume knowing how other people feel when really we don't know what they think or feel. Or let's say they are mad, something to ponder before assuming the worst: don't thoughts and feelings change all the time? 

Another common example is thinking we can't possibly make more money than we currently are. A lot of people feel and get stuck in the space of finances. They often believe that what they have in their bank account represents what they'll have in the future. Holding this belief limits how much money we allow into our lives because our minds like to prove us right. The future does not have to be determined by the past, it is determined by your perceptions and beliefs held and acted upon today. 

We may also have thoughts wherein we believe we are not good at something; thus, we will never be. However, know that everyone sucks at something until they don't anymore. Failing a hundred times at something is discouraging, but it's wrong to assume that those failures mean we're not good enough. In fact, those failures are how we get better. 

These thoughts, real or unreal, completely influence our lives. This is how powerful perception is - a conceptual glass we are all wearing. 

Impact of Perception On Our Lives

Perception is a paradigm and lens through which we see and experience the world around us. It defines who we believe we are and how our interactions with others and our world should go. 

How we perceive the world, those living in it, and the circumstances we experience in our lives matter. It's not what happens or who appears in our lives that matters, but how we interpret and consciously act or subconsciously react. 

Our thinking and perceptions influence and shape all areas of our lives. It creates and impacts our personality, experiences, and quality of our lives. Perceiving things in a positive light can result in a more positive and happy life.

How do you view your friends and family, associates, and the strangers who appear in your life? Do you perceive your significant others as positive or negative influencers in your life? What titles, positive or negative, have your subconscious mind adopted and assigned to them?

One crucial area affected by perception is our relationship with others. Constantly perceiving people as being against us will most likely lead us to be defensive, combative, and negatively reactive, ultimately resulting in unhappy outcomes. 

Moreover, how we perceive our life also influences the kind of life we will probably have. Perceiving your life as lacking or incomplete may make you worry more about conserving what you have rather than achieving those things you need or want. 

Everything we experience in life is up for interpretation, and how we interpret it (our perceptions) dictates our feelings, actions, or reactions. Perception is not about what happens. It's about what you're paying attention to, how you interpret it, and ultimately how you act or respond to it. 

Favorable or unfavorable, happy or sad, exciting or boring, challenging or straightforward, you are the one who interprets every moment in this world. And your world is a reflection of what your mind says it is. So ultimately, your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors all exert the most powerful part of your life- your perception. 

How to Have a More Positive Perception of Life?

Perhaps the first step in changing our perception is imagining how we want our life to be. Imagine if we have the power to flip our lives from chaos and horror to something we dream of by starting a chain of positive reactions that was set in motion by positive thoughts. Would you dare to? Here are some tips to help start responding instead of reacting.

Take Responsibility

Changing our perceptions require that we, first and foremost, recognize and take responsibility for our past reactions. Only then can we begin to see people, events, things, and even ourselves from a more neutral and unbiased perspective. 

Have a willingness to see things differently

Change of any kind requires willingness. People often want change but aren't prepared to make said changes, and note those are two different things. Having the willingness and desire for change is vital. It gives us room to learn and create new perceptions. 

Have compassion for yourself and others

Shifting the way you view the world and yourself is no easy feat. Hence it is essential to be patient and gentle with yourself. Don't compromise yourself. Moreover, your changes may also ruffle other people's feathers, so express compassion for them. 

Decide to be in control of your life.

We often rely on our significant others when it comes to our life. May it be our family, our partner, or our beliefs. But the truth is, we are the one who drives our lives forward. Cliche as it may sound, we are the master of our faith and the captain of our soul. 

Start with the end in mind. 

A clear picture of what end or result you would like is vital, instead of focusing and being held back by obstacles in the way. Have a robust and clear vision and know why that vision is essential to you. Know that your imagination can be powerful.

Look for something positive.

It's true that most of the time, what we are looking for is what we tend to see. Thus, instead of looking for things that are negative or have flaws, look for something positive that can lift you. Create happiness by searching for it. 

Have an attitude of gratitude

Showing gratitude can give you that feeling of satisfaction. Thus, if you're feeling negative, think of something you're grateful for to focus on something that gives you happiness. 


Showing off those chiclets can be an instant mood booster even if you're feeling upset. It can help shift your perspective of the obstacles you face, to feel happier and more optimistic about what's to come. 

Final Thoughts

Indeed, your image reflects your perception, and your perception is your reality. Reality and thoughts may change and flicker constantly. We can all have bad days and when we do, let's do everything to lift ourselves—changing our thoughts and trying to go from negative to favorable costs nothing. Visualizing happiness and where you would like to be and appreciating the good things in our lives can make us feel better and lead us to more amazing things. 

The life you are living right now is your choice right now. We determine the meaning and purpose of our lives. And with that, we must BE what we want to see or experience because we attract what we resonate with. Focusing on what we don't like only draws more of the same, and it's like telling the universe what we want more of. 

We are entitled to all the success, happiness, and health we desire. We must stop defeating and limiting ourselves by entertaining our reactionary, deceptive, self-sabotaging beliefs.

Life is a continuance of exciting opportunities if we open our eyes to see them. We must become mindful and aware of the moment and view life from a fresh perspective. We must remove the blinders we've put in place, examine our perceptions about the people that play important roles in our lives, large or small, and focus only on the positive. It might not be easy, but the outcome is worth it.

Our goal should be to clean up our minds, eliminate all limiting, negative, destructive thoughts and replace them with healthy, loving, joyful, self-assuring, confidence-building, self-empowering thoughts. That way, our creations and thus our lives become what we want and desire them to be rather than what we fear.

Once we've changed our perceptions to positive, healthier, happier options, our body chemistry, and the outcome changes because they are all linked together. It is a natural progression that can't be stopped because we are not separate from our thoughts. We, and our entire world, are a product of our thoughts.

Now, are you someone who sees the glass as half full or half-empty?

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Kate Hanson

Kate is a seasoned coach and founder of KHC as well as RaisCo Coaching, dedicated to helping individuals and businesses achieve their highest potential. With years of experience in life, business, confidence, wellness, and success coaching, Kate has guided countless clients toward their goals through personalized strategies and actionable insights.