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About Kate

Hey there - I’m Kate, I am so grateful you are here! I am a mindset coach, motivational speaker and woman on a mission to help you discover your True Vue.

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What clients are saying about working together...

Billie-Jo Hamilton

Founder | Sugar Shop

"Kate's coaching is a breath of fresh air! She has a great way of adding practical thoughts and ideas that could help most anyone with their business and or personal life. Kate has a gentle, kind nature that allows you to feel welcome and at ease! If you want to level up, I recommend hiring Kate as your coach.

Deirdre G.

"Before Working With Kate I was thinking I needed a venue to meditate with others, but I didn't want to take on the responsibility to organize it. Now, after working with Kate weekly, I've made it a habit to go within instead of escaping my thoughts. This has allowed me to stay in the present moment after working with Kate and joining this community!"

Milli Evolution

Milli Evolution is my group coaching program customized to help you eliminate the fear that's been holding you back for far too long and will guide you to step into your potential like never before.

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I love Instagram because it’s a place to serve you daily inspiration. If you are looking for a mega dose of motivation and some giggles, then come and follow along.