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What is the RaisCo 1:1 Coaching?

In simple terms, it's an impactful series of 8 one-on-one coaching calls tailored for women who, despite outward success, feel confined in their current circumstances. RaisCo Coaching is designed to empower and elevate female professionals by uncovering their innate inner strength, wisdom, and untapped capabilities. Throughout our sessions, you'll gain fresh clarity, a renewed sense of purpose, empowerment, decreased stress, and a profound self-appreciation. Together, we'll address what's not serving you, and Kate will support you in advocating for more fulfillment in every facet of your life.

Who is Kate Hanson?

With over 11 years of experience coaching and mentoring, Kate Hanson has become a guiding light for individuals seeking to unlock their true potential. Her passion for coaching and mentoring stems from her own journey of self-discovery, during which she recognized the transformative power of guidance and support in achieving personal and professional goals. Kate has not only found her True Vue but is also dedicated to helping others discover theirs.

Throughout her career, Kate has demonstrated a remarkable ability to inspire others and cultivate a growth mindset. She is known for her empathetic approach, keen listening skills, and strategic guidance, which have enabled her clients to overcome obstacles and reach their goals.
With a diverse background in coaching, including executive coaching, leadership development, and personal growth coaching, Kate brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her practice. Her commitment to continuous learning and professional development ensures that she stays at the forefront of coaching methodologies and best practices.


Kate's coaching style is characterized by authenticity, positivity, and a genuine desire to see others succeed. She believes in the transformative power of coaching to unlock hidden potential and create lasting change.
In addition to her coaching practice, Kate is also a sought-after speaker and workshop facilitator, sharing her insights and expertise with audiences eager to enhance their personal and professional lives.
Outside of coaching, Kate enjoys spending time outdoors, traveling, and volunteering in her community. She holds a bachelor of degree in arts, majoring in sociology and minoring in psychology.
Kate is dedicated to making a positive impact in the lives of others and looks forward to continuing her journey as a coach, mentor, and advocate for growth and development, helping individuals find their True Vue along the way.


What is the RaisHER Mastermind?

In simple terms, it is a life changing 4-month Mastermind for women who, despite external perceptions of success, feel trapped in their current lives. RaisHER Mastermind is designed to empower and elevate female professionals by unveiling awareness of their true inner power, knowledge, and untapped potential.

You will leave our sessions with newfound clarity, a sense of purpose, empowerment, reduced stress, and a deeper love for yourself. Together, we address what isn't working, and Kate will guide you in advocating for more in every aspect of your life

4 months of going ALL IN on YOU!

It’s time to stop simply surviving and lean into your definition of thriving, with ME by your side it's possible.

RaisCo Coaching Structure

The RaisCo 1:1 Coaching offers a unique blend of self-guided exploration coupled with tailored individual coaching, fostering active participation, confidentiality, and personalized engagement to ensure maximum benefit. Our structured approach revolves around the following key pillars:


Delve into your current reality, perspectives, beliefs, habits, expectations, and identity, fostering a deeper understanding of yourself.


Identify areas of frustration, misalignment, dissatisfaction, and stress, paving the way for holistic growth and fulfillment. 

Goal Clarity

Refine and redefine your goals, instilling intentionality in your actions and attracting desired outcomes across personal and professional realms. 

Embodiment of Highest Desired Self

Harness your innate faculties of memory, reason, creativity, intuition, perception, and willpower to embody your highest self, fostering a profound transformation from within.

This structured framework, guided by Kate’s personalized coaching, empowers you to navigate life's complexities with clarity, purpose, and authenticity, ultimately leading to profound personal and professional fulfillment.

RaisCo Coaching End-Goal:

Our clients discover a profound sense of peace and unwavering clarity, uncovering not only their true desires but also the authentic pathways to attain them. Whether navigating career complexities, relationships, or pursuing health and wealth goals, they feel genuinely supported, thoroughly prepared, and empowered to embrace a life aligned with their values and purpose. It's more than a transformation; it's a sincere journey toward a life that resonates with their truest selves

RaisCo Coaching offers a comprehensive package featuring

  • 8 virtual coaching sessions on Zoom, recorded for flexibility (approx. 1 hour each) typically over a 4-month timeline.
  • Exclusive access to a Private Member Portal on the Mighty Networks platform, housing Kate's distinctive "True Vue Mastery Program," weekly calls to action, check-in forms, and replay videos of past Masterclasses and Training Sessions. 

Central to our program is the provision of personalized support tailored specifically to you, our valued RaisCo 1:1 Coaching clients. We prioritize individualized coaching to ensure that you receive dedicated attention and guidance suited to your unique circumstances. Through our exclusive Mighty Networks feed, you'll have access to a wealth of resources curated to your needs, offering seamless navigation and addressing your specific concerns between sessions. 

Transparent Investment Plans

RaisCo Coaching- Pay in Full (PIF) = $1987  

RaisCo Coaching - Payment Plan (PP) = $499 / Month X 4